Nine Worlds Ensemble (formerly the Bowtime Quintet)  is a new approach to chamber music.  With backgrounds in classical, jazz, pop, rock, and more, our musicians bring a diverse approach to music that enhances their ability to impact their audience.  Rather than approaching music from one perspective, we embody and embrace multiple perspectives, adding both new dimensions and accessibility to the art form. 

Equally comfortable in the club as the concert hall, the mission of Nine Worlds is to bring their eclectic brand of pop chamber music to a wide variety of venues and listeners and create music worth listening to.

We recently finished"The Seasons" double album, which is available for sale here.  We have performed throughout the Chicago area and South Eastern Wisconsin, in clubs, homes, and concert halls.

Why Nine Worlds?

"Having been named Thor, my name carries with it the many rich stories of Norse mythology.  Yggdrasil, the World Tree, connects the nine worlds in norse mythology.  All of the music we're playing is inspired by nature, and played on (mostly) wooden instruments.  Our music has an organic quality to the sound, as well as being inspired by music from many cultures around the world.  All of these concepts are tied together with the idea of the Nine Worlds of Norse mythology." 

Nine Worlds Ensemble is:


Thor Bremer, marimba, composer, arranger, manager.

Thor composes and arranges the original music for Nine Worlds, organizes the band, books the gigs, and plays marimba.  He received his B.A. in music at UW-Milwaukee, where he studied classical percussion.  When not performing with Nine Worlds, Thor can be found playing drum set and percussion in the following genres: funk, hip hop, rock, pop, caribbean, metal, motown, fusion, classical, jazz, and more.  He has written for a wide variety of ensembles and has three albums under his name.  More information on Thor can be found at:  Thor is also currently working on his MFA in Video Game Music and Audio.


Stephanie Young, violin. 


Stephanie Young holds a Bachelor of Music degree from UW-Milwaukee, and did post graduate work at Alverno College. She has performed with the Green Bay Symphony Orchestra, Gathering On The Green Symphony, and the Fox Valley Symphony. She has also performed with such notables as the rock band Kansas, Peter Cetera, Rod Stewart, Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds, Doc Severinsen, and rock bands such as: The Dark Clan. Stephanie has recorded music for Milwaukee Public Television and for composers Tyler Traband, Luke Wieting, Lester Jay, and Tammy Ann Winn.


John Lewis, guitar.

Masters in Jazz Pedagogy, University of Miami, John is a full-time performing musician/ guitarist/ teacher, based in the Chicago area, and has performed extensively, coast to coast, across the country, and abroad. He`s appeared on the Oprah Show, at Presidential Inaugural Balls and at a number of iconic venues across Europe. He has published several compositions both as a songwriter and composer of contemporary instrumental music. Currently John is performing regularly with Guitarola, The Tom Fuller Band, and Nine Worlds Ensemble, teaching, and freelancing with various organizations in the Chicago area.



Ian Wilson, piano.

Ian became part of Nine Worlds after spending many hours with Thor discussing art and brainstorming various collaborations. He is a keyboardist, songwriter, music educator, and a conservatory-trained pianist that turned to indie rock and orchestral pop bands in the 2000s. Ian's work in education has focused on developing rock/pop pedagogy; creating curriculum in songwriting, recording, and music business; and advocating for the value of rock/pop genres in all music classrooms. He is the Program Manager of Adult and Teen Music at Old Town School of Folk Music.  Ian also holds a master's in Arts Management from Columbia College Chicago in addition to being an adjunct faculty member there.


Oliver Horton, bass.

Oliver is the newest member of Nine Worlds.  When he's not performing with us, Oliver can be heard with his folk band, Sedgewick, or on the stage under the smoky lights at the green mill.  Oliver also teaches bass and guitar at the Rock House, Flatts, and Sharpe Music Company.  Oliver is a graduate of Knox College with a degree in Music Performance where he entered as a soccer player and tap dancer.

Photography by Dorey Kronick,